Our Paradigm

Watch the whole series here: http://bit.ly/1L4SMCu
In the poem Four Quartets, T.S. Eliot said, “And what you do not know is the only thing you know”. As our understanding of the universe grows, so too does the recognition that there are even more – many more – things that we do not know. Our current paradigm for understanding the universe is mathematics, but can it teach us all there is to learn? A discussion with:

Susan Hockfield
President Emerita and Professor of Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

Geoffrey B. West
Distinguished Professor and former President, Santa Fe Institute, USA

Tord Ekelöf
Professor, Elementary Particle Physics; Head of FREIA Accelerator Development Department, Uppsala University, Sweden

Imelda McCarthy
Systemic Therapist/Supervisor/Coach/Presenter, Fifth Province Institute, Ireland

The Tällberg Foundation recently convened a group of scientists, artists, academics, diplomats, businessmen and others to discuss the accelerating pace of change that is transforming our universe, our planet, our species and our societies. This is part of their conversation.