Eureka Moments

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A flash of genius, a moment of discovery. A “eureka moment” can lead to vast transformations in whole fields of knowledge, but where do these moments come from? Some discoveries are made by solitary researchers, but often times these insights are heavily influenced by the surrounding environment. Listen to a discussion on the importance of context with:

Wendy Wheeler, Emeritus Professor of English Literature and Cultural Inquiry, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, London Metropolitan University, UK

Erling Norrby, Professor, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA), Sweden

Steve Gullans, Managing Director, Excel Venture Management, USA

The Tällberg Foundation recently convened a group of scientists, artists, academics, diplomats, businessmen and others to discuss the accelerating pace of change that is transforming our universe, our planet, our species and our societies. This is part of their conversation.