Escaping Constraints

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Technological advances promise boundless possibilities for a better future, but is this optimistic approach preventing us from finding realistic solutions? Listen to reflections on the creative power of constraints with:

Wendy Wheeler
Emeritus Professor of English Literature and Cultural Inquiry, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, London Metropolitan University, UK

Anders Ynnerman
Director, Norrköping Visualization Center – C, and Professor, Scientific Visualization, Linköping University, Dept of Science and Technology (ITN), Sweden

Tord Ekelöf
Professor, Elementary Particle Physics; Head of FREIA Accelerator Development Department, Uppsala University, Sweden

Stephen Nachmanovitch
Musician, Author, and Educator, USA

The Tällberg Foundation recently convened a group of scientists, artists, academics, diplomats, businessmen and others to discuss the accelerating pace of change that is transforming our universe, our planet, our species and our societies. This is part of their conversation.