The Tällberg Workshop at CERN (TW@C) is a project that will search for the governing systems that can help us manage ever emergent and evolving global systems problems and opportunities.

This explorative learning process will evolve over a period of two years beginning in September 2012 and ending in December 2014.

All of these activities and learning processes will culminate in the workshop that will take place in CERN, Geneva, Switzerland in 2014: TW@C.

The TW@C is a gathering to be held in CERN, Switzerland on October 21-23, 2014. The Tällberg Foundation will invite some 40 individuals, only representing themselves, to an informal two-and-a-half day conversation where the scientific and technological levels of understanding of the evolution of biological, social, environmental, technological systems interact with the social systems as codified in constitutional codes. The idea for the TW@C is to “collide” the to-date acquired state of knowledge of the evolutionary nature of the universe, nature, science, technology, social organization with the evolution of constitutional designs to organize human affairs (public and private).