The Tällberg Workshop on Lesvos

The Tällberg Foundation is convening a workshop on the underlying cause and potential long-term consequences of Europe’s refugee crisis, Clash of Civilizations?  The workshop is being held on the island of Lesvos, Greece from March 17-19, 2016.

As at all Tällberg Foundation meetings, the goal of this workshop is to question and explore, without prejudice, the dynamics of an issue which has enormous consequence not only for the refugees fleeing political and economic instability, but for the people of Europe who are welcoming or fearing them.  Above all, this is about people—and that is the reason we are convening in Lesvos, rather than in Geneva or London or New York: context matters.  

The framing paper is provided only as a point of departure and to give a sense of the issues that we hope to consider.  Note that we want to focus on fundamentals and consequences, not necessarily on immediate developments.

Each of the plenary sessions will begin with a short issue introduction, panel discussion or other provocation, but Tällberg is above all about conversations among participants, not about listening to speeches. Indeed, the challenge is to engage in and contribute to an open-ended learning exercise.  In that spirit, we do not have a fixed objective for the workshop; we will not produce a manifesto or any other kind of “product.”  Of course, if knowledge imparts responsibility, then action should follow.