Tällberg Seminar I in cooperation with Vinnova

Tällberg Foundation in cooperation with Vinnova organized a seminar “Battle for minds” that examined the role of public communications in the transition to a climate-friendly society. The event took place in Stockholm, Sweden.

It feels like a global response to the climate challenge might really have begun! The papers are full of stories about the threats, about political reactions and about new technologies. All the adverts extol the green virtue of the product in question, be it a car, a TV or ecological food.

But is the general public actually feeling engaged and part of the solution? Their choices drive markets and support governments. A confused or fearful general public could seriously hinder positive change through a lack of support for stringent policy measures or a rejection of new products or technologies. Public engagement in the global response to climate change will be as critical to success as any technological or political innovation.