Tällberg Forum 2007

450 leaders and their families from all over the world and from various sectors of society gathered in Tällberg to talk about and reflect upon the challenges and opportunities that stem from global interdependence.

An open conversation begun in 1981, the Forum addressed the challenge of the great transition, by searching for solutions to the dilemma of increasing welfare without destroying the natural systems that support us. The 2006 Forum left no doubts. The imbalance in the energy–economy–environment equation is systemic. Compounded local problems and activities have created acute global thresholds that demand a thorough systems understanding. This requires a massive mind shift. The theme for 2007 was “How on earth can we live together? Learn to live to learn”.

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Adullah of Jordan captured the hearts and minds of the Forum in the moving, even provactive keynote address with a single phrase which echoed throughout the days in Tällberg.

Tallberg Forum Companion 2007_Overview and Day-by-day program

Tallberg Forum Companion 2007_Tracks