Rework the World Summit

In May, at the Rework the World Summit, a number of rethinking workshops were woven into the event in the Tällberg Forum tradition. The event took place in Leksand and Tällberg, Sweden.

Rework the World was the Tällberg Foundation’s largest effort to date. The aim was both to inspire and increase knowledge, but also to showcase new solutions that promote sustainability and create more jobs. The goal was to bring together ideas with resources to create results in Sweden and worldwide.

The initiative brought together the best local initiatives from around the world – those that could create new employment opportunities and speed up the change towards a sustainable society. They met the global capital, corporations and decision-makers, who are able to go from visions to scalable impact – with the aim of creating new employement opportunities for youth all over the world.

Rework the World was a collaboration between Tällberg Foundation and YES Inc. (an international organization represented in more than 55 developing countries with a focus on youth, entrepreneurship and sustainability). The Swedish government supported the project and Leksand Municipality was the official host for the meeting 2010.

Watch videos from Rework the World on Rework the World’s web site