Looking for Leaders in the Age of Trump

The Tällberg Foundation is hosting an after-work conversation in Stockholm, Sweden.

Challenges like climate change, mass migration, terrorism and human trafficking, whose very natures require global action, are colliding with a distribution of power, institutions and practices that were built for a very different world. The consequence is that the many decades–long era of ubiquitous global growth, human development and prosperity is fading, replaced by one of stagnation, conflict and almost medieval conditions in some parts of the globe. The sense of hopeful globalism that characterized the turn of the century has all but given way to resurgent, inward-looking nationalism.

If we continue on the current path, we will deserve whatever history dishes out: good, bad or ugly. Of course, there could be alternative futures. Are there leaders who are willing to think differently? Can we find leaders in the “Age of Trump?”

Alan Stoga, Chairman of the Tällberg Foundation, will talk about the main drivers of the evolving scenarios and lead a discussion on how we can think differently on leadership.