Global Leadership Prize 2017

Be sure to complete the short nomination form for the Global Leadership Prize 2017.

The Tällberg Foundation Global Leaders are women and men who demonstrate the kind of leadership demanded by the challenges of the 21st century: innovative, imaginative, flexible, systems-based, risk-taking and, above all, ethical. By honoring them, the Foundation not only seeks to nurture and extend their accomplishments, but also to encourage others to follow their examples.

Tällberg Global Leaders are nominated through an open, online process.  Anyone from any country from any discipline is eligible:  politicians, statesmen, scientists, educators, social entrepreneurs, educators, environmentalists, artists, religious and military figures, and others—literally anyone who meets the broad (and deliberately vague) criteria suggested above.

The nomination process for 2017 opened on April 1, after which an international jury reviews the nominations and selects the people who, in their judgment, best exemplify the types of leaders needed today.

The Tällberg Global Leaders are also eligible for the annual Tällberg Foundation Global Leadership Prizes, which carry a stipend of $50,000.  Previous prize winners: Jamila Afghani (2015), Christiana Figueres (2016)Martín von Hildebrand (2015) and Sunitha Krishnan (2016).