Alternative Futures Conversation at MIT

One of the things we at the Tallberg Foundation have been thinking about are the possible impacts of accelerating technological change on various aspects of society.  We are convinced that a whole range of disruptive technologies could soon change the nature of work, of war, of politics, of social relationships—the list goes on.

We are in the early stages of organizing a series of one day meetings at various labs and companies around the world, with a view to understanding some of the disruptive technologies—in AI, life sciences, robotics, nanotech, etc—that seem likely to change the world as we know it.   We want to provoke a conversation between scientists and technologists on the one hand and the rest of us on the other hand with the goal of at least figuring out the questions we ought to be asking, including the ethical questions.   That is a simple, but wildly ambitious agenda; it’s easier to know where (how) such a conversation might start than where it will end.

The idea is to gather a small groups during the next 24 months for a day’s conversations with scientists and technologists. The first stop on this tour will be MIT in Cambridge, where Juan Enriquez will host a day at various labs.  While he is still working out the specifics, the idea is to gather on April 12-April 13 moving among several labs where the group will meet with scientists for informal conversation about their work.