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Tällberg Winter Forum 2011


The Winter Forum posed the question “How can we agree to agree” and this question will shape the Tällberg Foundation work for the coming months leading to the Summer Forum in Sigtuna, Sweden.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery

Gammal logotyp SPL

On 13 February 2011, the Swedish Postcode Lottery announced the funding it will distribute to its beneficiaries. 40 beneficiaries will share 945 MSEK. The lottery distributes all of its profits to charitable organizations.

We want peace

Emmanuel Jal at Tallberg Forum 2007

Our friend Emmanuel, who has performed and participated at the Tällberg Forum, put out a call to the world as southern Sudan prepared to vote January 9th, 2011 on the referendum to create a new independent country.

Fight fragmentation


Now is the time to fight forces of fragmentation, division, hatred and fanaticism, writes Bo Ekman after Saturday’s attack ending the notion of Sweden as a haven safe from terrorism.

Research for the future

Ulla-Britt-Frajdin-Hellqvist SvD 2010

Ulla-Britt Fräjdin-Hellqvist, board member of the Tällberg Foundation and Chairman of the Foundation for Strategic Research, talks to E24, Europe’s largest business site, about the need to attract young people to scientific research and to increase scientific knowledge among decision-makers.

New appointment for Wijkman


Tällberg Foundation’s vice chairman Anders Wijkman will serve as special investigator to evaluate procurement framework, providing the government with data to streamline and improve public procurement.

No More Lullabies (in Swedish)


Den 18 och 19 augusti 2010 kommer flera av Sveriges mest intressanta och omtyckta artister uppträda i Vitabergsparken för att inspirera till samtal och tankar om jordens kritiska tillstånd och den roll vi som människor spelar. För det behövs ett nytt slags samtal – bortom politisk retorik, försvarsreaktioner och ekonomiska egenintressen. Det är sent, men inte för sent.