About the Tällberg Forum

The Forum integrated nature and the arts, where people felt free to step outside of their professional identity, to share doubts and new ideas, and search for ways forward outside of established frameworks.

The annual gatherings organized for over two decades by the Tällberg Foundation had evolved into an innovative global Forum from 2005-2013 characterized by an atmosphere of openness, honesty, warmth and creativity. Leaders from all over the world and from various sectors of society gathered to talk about and reflect upon the challenges and opportunities that stem from global interdependence.

The Tällberg Forum acted to stimulate the conversation on, and design solutions to the problems of our times in order to foster new thinking and solutions. People from business and finance meet people from politics, science, international organizations and civil society on equal terms, and not as stakeholders. They came to talk, listen, reflect, question their assumptions, and gain the new insights that gave them new responsibilities. For many, the Tällberg Forum was viewed as a natural extension of a highly respected Swedish tradition of internationalism, progress, intellectual curiosity, mediation and sustainability.