Virtual Conversations on Climate

The Tällberg Foundation held its second “Tällberg Virtual Conversations on Climate”.

After COP20 in Lima and less than a year before the big COP21 negotiations in Paris, we are gathering actors and observers  who are knowledgeable about the climate, energy and political arenas, to assess the prospects of true progress in dealing with climate change. While not ignoring the UN-led negotiations, we want to focus on developments in other areas, and in particular in the field of defossilization of the world’s energy system. How strong is the energy transition’s current momentum? Which technological obstacles are about to be overcome, and which remain unsolved? What impact will the oil price fall have? How substantial are the policy changes being implemented by non-state actors–cities, provinces and states, businesses, etc.?

A first Virtual Conversation took place on November 26th 2014 and provided participants with a very useful overview a few days before the Lima climate conference. The second conversation gathered participants in a moderated videoconference to continue the discussion.