TW@E Workshop

On May 5-7, the Tällberg Foundation convened a group of 20 people who have a range of theoretical and practical experience in approaching the issues that face our societies from a systems perspective.

This workshop was one in a series of open-ended conversations to discuss a number of questions:
  • Are shared values critical to achieving shared solutions to global, regional and national evolutionary challenges? If so, whose values?
  • Are global systems—natural, political, economic—undergoing tectonic shifts? If new scientific and technological breakthroughs are changing our understanding of the universe/multiverse, do our underlying assumptions about ”how the world works” have to be revisited?
  • What strategies can we imagine to rebuild trust in existing institutions and institutional frameworks?
  • Can art, poetry and music provide insights in the search to reconcile humankind with the natural systems on which our prosperity (and, perhaps, our existence) depend?

The workshop took place on the island of Ekskäret in the Stockholm Archipelago. The island and the facilities were made available thanks to the generosity of  the Foundation Ekskäret.