Tällberg Foundation announces transition of leadership

The board of directors of the Tallberg Foundation has selected a new Chairman and a new set of directors.

The board of directors of the Tällberg Foundation selected Alan Stoga to serve as Chairman of the Foundation.  In addition, the board elected a new set of directors.  The newly constituted Board includes Nora Bateson, Mats Björkman, Nayan Chanda, Tom Cummings, Palle Dahlstedt and James Wine as well as Mr. Stoga.


New board

The board also named Bo Ekman, the founder and visionary behind the Tällberg Foundation, Chairman Emeritus.  In that capacity he will be a key adviser to the Foundation and to the new board.

“Bo Ekman started the Foundation in 1981 as a small workshop in the village of Tällberg,” commented Stoga.  “Since then the Tällberg Foundation has grown in size and scale, touching the lives of literally thousands of leaders from around the world.  As a new board, we want to build on that legacy, and are confident that, with Bo’s active support, we can do so.”

In the spirit of the Tällberg Foundation’s long standing commitment to promoting a global, multi-disciplinary, values based conversation, the newly elected board includes directors from several different countries and diverse backgrounds. Nayan Chanda, Alan Stoga and James Wine, who served on the outgoing board provide continuity; Nora Bateson, Mats Björkman, Tom Cummings and Palle Dahlstedt provide new thinking.

“It is a great joy to welcome the new board of the Tällberg Foundation. The renewal of the board also marks a renewal of the Tällberg Foundation itself,” said Bo Ekman. “I am deeply grateful for the support and imagination of the departing board. Their tenacity and dedication have brought us to this point.  Now, the sky is the limit,” he continued.

These changes are effective immediately.