LärOlika – a project for diversity and tolerance

Tällberg Foundation takes on Swedish diversity challenges in new ways, in cooperation with Fryshuset and with support from the Swedish Postcode Lottery.

Tällberg Foundation and Fryshuset take on Swedish diversity challenges in new ways, with support from the Swedish Postcode Lottery

In a three-year project, we will bring together leaders, authorities and decision-makers from different homogenous groups to a unique leadership program.

The background is that most people in Swedish society are living and working in homogeneous groups, often separate from other groups in society. Even the leaders – from formal managers to informal authorities – have too little interaction with those who are different. This makes it easy for prejudice and intolerance to take hold and amplify, and far too many opportunities are missed.

If these leaders instead develop diverse networks, gain new perspectives and better understanding of others, concrete opportunities can open up for individuals and groups, and the social climate in general will be positively affected.

This project will gather people with leadership positions or informal influence in different homogeneous structures, such as middle managers, artists, religious authorities, journalists, police officers, sports leaders, refugees who had positions of influence in their countries of origin, people with disabilities, trade union leaders, etc. Ages between 20-50 years. The project will be active in the regions of Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.

Participants will undergo a unique leadership program tailor-made for this project. The core of the program is conversations between people with different views and experiences, based on mutual respect and the desire for individual development. We will not talk about diversity and tolerance. Instead, we will have conversations about context and community, as well as exercises in communication and leadership.

Thus, participants will get both a broader understanding of the world around them, new contacts, increased understanding of and tolerance towards others, inspiration and new tools for better leadership. This will in turn affect decisions such as recruitment, business and product development, etc.

Tällberg Foundation and Fryshuset are behind the project, contributing with unique complementary skills and networks – and challenging each other and others to think anew!

For more information (in Swedish) please visit the website www.larolika.se

Mångfald för ett framgångsrikt Sverige

Detta initiativ får stöd från PostkodLotteriets satsning som heter Hela Sverige – För mångfald och tolerans. Här kan du se mer om hela satsningen och läsa om vilka projekt de stödjer.