Podcast episode number 7. Feeding Nine Billion, What’s cooking?

Feeding Nine Billion, What’s cooking? Franz Fischler, Jan Kees Vis, Marie Valentine Florin, Philippe Vandenbroeck, Pete Ondeng, Jason Drew in a seminar on the complexities of the food system.

Feeding Nine Billion, What’s cooking? A seminar from the Tällberg Forum 2012 with Philippe Vandenbroeck, System Thinker and Scenario Planner, shiftN, Belgium, Pete Ondeng, Director, East Africa Leadership Institute, Kenya, Jan Kees Vis, Global Director Sustainable Sourcing Development, Unilever, The Netherlands, Jason Drew, Eco-Entrepreneur, Green investor, Author and Founder, AgriProtein Technologies, South Africa, Franz Fischler, Former EU Commissioner, Agriculture and Fisheries and President, European Forum Alpbach, Austria,Marie Valentine Florin, Managing Director, International Risk Governance Council (IRGC), Geneva. Moderated by Rebecca Oliver, Tällberg Foundation

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