Changes in the organization

The beginning of a crisp vibrant autumn always signals a sense of change, with its tinge of endings and beginnings, its passage of comings and goings. So too this autumn with the Tällberg Foundation as we announce recent changes in the organization.

Cecilia Nordström has been appointed as the CEO of the Tällberg Foundation. Since 2004 Cecilia has worked with every aspect of Tällberg Foundation activities and she brings this broad knowledge and deep understanding of the Tällberg experience to the helm. Prior to the Tällberg Foundation, Cecilia worked with administration, project coordination and customer service in both financial services and manufacturing industries. She has also worked extensively with global knowledge sharing efforts and communications. Cecilia lived for many years in the United States and has a B.A. in Business and Economics with a concentration in international business. Cecilia also joins the Tällberg Foundation board.

Carl Mossfeldt will be pursuing his strategic ambitions and interests in his own company, Rework the World AB. Carl Mossfeldt, previously the CEO of the Tällberg Foundation and prior to that the CEO of Tällberg Advisors, is now leaving his role with the Foundation where he has been active since 2003 to continue to develop his expertise in “systems doing” through incubation, structuring and implementation of large change efforts in Sweden and abroad. Carl will also continue to work actively in the area of strategic leadership development internationally. We look forward to our continued relationship with Carl as he will retain a link to the Tällberg Foundation in his capacity as an advisor.

We are very happy to have two new additions to the Tällberg Foundation board, Nayan Chanda and Alan Stoga.

Nayan Chanda is a former correspondent and editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review and co-author of numerous books on Asian politics, security and foreign policy issues. His most recent and acclaimed book is “Bound Together: How Traders, Preachers, Adventurers and Warriors Shaped Globalization” which has been translated into seven languages. He is the Director of Publications at the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, and editor of the YaleGlobal Online, a webzine devoted to exploring globalization. He writes a regular column for the Times of India, BusinessWorld and the Straits Times of Singapore.

Alan Stoga has long been part of the Tällberg network. His New York-based firm provides communication counsel as well as political and economic risk assessment to global corporate and governmental clients, and digital media solutions to clients in publishing and other industries. Alan has a deep background in communications, consulting, risk analysis, investing and governmental service.  Prior to founding Zemi in 1995, he was managing director of Kissinger Associates, the international consulting firm chaired by Henry Kissinger. He serves on the boards of the Americas Society, the Council of the Americas, the Tinker Foundation and the Aperture Foundation. Alan is a frequent lecturer and writer on strategy, politics and economics, including the impact of U.S. political and economic developments on global trends.

We extend a warm welcome to Nayan and Alan.

Alan and Nayan fill vacancies in the board left by Jan Eliasson, Christine Loh and Marcello Palazzi.

In March of 2012, veteran Swedish diplomat Jan Eliasson was appointed as new UN Deputy Secretary-General by Secretary-General of the United Nations  Ban Ki-Moon. The former Swedish Ambassador, Foreign Minister, Under Secretary General and President of the U.N. General Assembly took office July 1 this year and is currently a member of the Secretary-General’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Advocacy Group.

Christine Loh Kung-wai
, a former lawmaker and head of think tank Civic Exchange, has been appointed undersecretary for the environment and will be working with Environment Secretary Wong Kam-sin. Christine’s priority tasks will be air quality, waste management and nature conservation.

Marcello Palazzi, BSc MSc MBA, founder and president of Progressio Foundation in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has been elected a 2013 Harvard Fellow in the Advanced Leadership Initiative commencing December 2012. In view of this exciting opportunity, Marcello has decided to relinquish some of his board commitments, including Tällberg Foundation.

We wish Jan, Christine and Marcello all the best in their new and challenging endeavors.