New appointment for Wijkman

Tällberg Foundation’s vice chairman Anders Wijkman will serve as special investigator to evaluate procurement framework, providing the government with data to streamline and improve public procurement.

– A well-functioning procurement ensures that we get the most out of our tax dollars. Let us see whether we can further improve public procurement, and in particular, improve conditions taking into account environmental and ethical issues, says Local Government and Financial Markets Minister Mats Odell.

The investigator will consider whether the procurement rules adequately allow contracting authorities to make sound financial transactions, while using its buying power to improve the environment, pay attention to social and ethical considerations, and provide for increased business opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.

The investigator will also review the system for the collection of procurement statistics and data to be collected. Improved statistics will provide the government with more opportunities for successful procurement politics in Sweden and the EU.

The investigator will conduct the mission in close contact with authorities, municipalities, county councils, labour market partners, companies and associations. The report is due on June 28, 2012.

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