Environmental leaders

Johan Rockström, Anders Wijkman and Bo Ekman among the leaders in Sweden on environmental issues.

The Swedish Newspaper, “Miljöaktuellt” (Environment News), has named Sweden’s most influential people working with environment issues in 2009. First place is given to Maria Wetterstrand of the Green Party.

Number two on the list is Johan Rockström, Tällberg Foundation board member and CEO of the Stockholm Environment Institute. Miljöaktuellt calls him as “…this year’s absolute shooting star of the scientific community. Rockström has a holistic perspective on environmental issues, and presents the research objectively and simply, always one step ahead.”

The number four spot goes to Anders Wijkman, Vice-Chairman of the Tällberg Foundation for being “A smart innovator with a crystal clear commitment that in all probability will be more useful outside his political party.”

Number 57 on the list is Bo Ekman, Founder and Chairman of Tällberg Foundation and is considered “A driving force of international repute, using the Tällberg Forum as a tool.”

How Sweden’s most powerful environmental leaders have been selected
Those selected for the list are politicians, opinion leaders, managers, researchers who have the power to bring about change. All those on this list have been reviewed on the basis of influence, commitment and credibility – and their accomplishments for the benefit of the environment.

The list was developed by a panel consisting of five of Sweden’s foremost environmental experts and communicators. The jury chose the top 100 names among the almost 350 persons nominated by the jury and readers. The jury members and an advisory panel (which counted as one jury vote) then examined the persons nominated based on criteria such as real power / influence, achieved environmental benefits in 2009, credibility and commitment.