Green Summit

Bo Ekman, founder and chairman of the Tällberg Foundation moderates at the New York Green Summit.

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce held an ambitious summit of Swedish CEOs and American business leaders in the presence of the King of Sweden in New York on September 25, 2008. Entitled “Can the Swedish experience convert hype to hope?”, the program created a platform for discussing where business can make substantial contribution to creating a sustainable economy. The Summit focused on how Sweden has been supporting this move for many years through strategic legislation and visionary business decisions.

In establishing the urgency of the green agenda, Bo Ekman of the Tällberg Foundation was invited to moderate the opening panel session with Professor Christian Azar and Amory Lovins. Following a series of presentations from both Swedish and US CEOs, Bo challenged the final panel as to whether the discussions during the day had been ambitious enough to address the true urgency of the climate and ecosystems breakdowns.