On June 23, 2008 at the 350-org office in New York this morning reading the New York Times.

Will Bates (pictured) and Jeremy Osborn, along with with their colleagues shared this reaction to the 350 ad. 350’s Bill Mckibben awoke in Italy to the ad in the International Herald Tribune. Friends in Hong Kong caught it in the Financial Times.

McKibben, on his way to join the Tällberg Forum sent this: “I think you changed the world a bit this morning.”

No sooner than Jim  Hansen alerts us to the new scientific reality, a new movement has emerged in the US, 350.org, launched by author Bill McKibben and the 350 team.

Put straightforward, the objective is that everyone needs to know this one number, 350, as a red line for us and our posterity. We have gone too far. We need to aim for a carbon dioxide level of 350 ppm. We are at 385 today, heading beyond 500.

The task is herculean but this one number can help anyone follow the progress of the crucial Copenhagen climate agreement next year, which currently follows the 450/2 degree C threshold as the upper limit. According to Hansen, this is simply not good enough.

350.org is planning an international campaign to build a global movement to spread the number – “a movement that needs to be beautiful, creative, and unstoppable.”

The Tällberg Foundation will be extending the 350 message through a number of upcoming events, publications and the Tällberg Forum. Stayed tuned.

In the meantime, please visit 350.org and share your ideas.