“Ripple Effect”

Andrew Jones reports on the Tällberg “ripple effect” of the networking that flows from the conversations at the Tällberg Forum 2007.

At the Forum 2007 Jim Butcher of Morgan Stanley saw Peter Senge’s presentation of the bathtub climate simulation. This is a learning tool for understanding the “stock and flow” issue of CO2 in the atmosphere, rendered into an easy to grasp metaphor to understand why we need to reduce CO2 emissions 80% by 2050, explained using an animated simulation of a bathtub that is based on a system dynamics model of the global carbon cycle and climate system.

Andrew Jones and Jim Butcher subsequently met and hatched a plan to put the simulation in front of Morgan Stanley’s 35,000 employees worldwide. Drew taped his presentation in New York for Morgan Stanley and they shared the video with everyone via Google Video.

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