Alexander Crawford

Project Advisor, LärOlika

Alexander-Crawford_TFAlexander Crawford has been a research director and project director at the Tällberg Foundation. He has been project leader for the Tällberg Forum since 2008, and was before then responsible for the program design. He is also an experienced analyst of economic, social and political trends, exploring in reports, workshops and presentations the causes and consequences of global developments.

At the Tällberg Foundation, he has managed the Tällberg Forum project team and designed the Forum program and main sessions. He also leads analysis projects and designs and facilitates Tällberg Conversations, strategy workshops, scenario processes and learning journeys. As an analyst and consultant, Alexander has worked in a range of industries, including retail banking, telecommunications, retailing and basic industry.

He has been involved with the Tällberg Foundation since the 1990’s and has planned a great number of Foundation events. Previously, he worked as a consultant and analyst at Nextwork and EuroFutures in Stockholm, focusing on business environment analyses, strategy development and regional studies.

Alexander is 47 years old and grew up in the USA, France and Switzerland. He studied economics, first at the University of Paris and then at the London School of Economics, from which he earned a B.Sc.(Econ) degree. He holds Swedish and American passports, is married with two children (15 and 13 years) and lives in Stockholm. In his spare time, he enjoys the mountains (skiing, climbing and hiking), the outdoors and good books.