Tällberg Workshop in Lausanne

A two-day explorative workshop on “The questions we aren’t asking” and “The risks we aren’t seeing”, in preparation for the Tällberg Forum 2013, gathered around 40 participants.

As part of the Tällberg Foundation’s on-going effort to stimulate the development of knowledge, understanding and insights into global change patterns, we designed a two-day explorative conversation/workshop in Switzerland. This took place in the context of the preparation for the Tällberg Forum 2013 “The World at a Crossroads: Making sense of globalization” (taking place on 13-15 June 2013 in Tällberg, Sweden).

The first day was devoted to “The questions we aren’t asking”. In an explorative Tällberg-style facilitated conversation, with invited contributors and active participation from all participants, we aimed to uncover new areas of potential strategic importance for the medium-term. We looked for the unexpected “wild cards” but also looked at some key drivers of global change, including the energy transition, the consequences of digitalization on individuals, relationships, business, government and labor markets.

The second day was devoted to “The risks we aren’t seeing”. Organized in partnership with the International Risk Governance Council, that works to understand contributing factors to risk emergence, developing protocols for emerging risk governance and observing slow-developing catastrophic risks. The session focused on the inter-relationships between risks and their management.

We gathered around 40 participants, blending knowledge partners bringing their expertise and insight, and project partners bringing their questions, analyses and experiences. These partners joined forces with the Tällberg Foundation and its network. Project partners included global corporations, foundations, public agencies and national/international organizations.

Warm thanks to our partners:


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