Tällberg Workshop in Helsinki

This workshop is designed to be the first of a series over the next two years that will consider the variety of forces shaping the future of the great powers, starting with the U.S., Russia, China, Europe, and Japan.

We will look at demographics, culture, religion, technology, economics, history, political structures, military capabilities, etc.. The idea is to explore fundamental, long term dynamics that are likely to define the next generation of geopolitics. In a sense, we want to look into the future in order to better understand the present.

Indeed, part of our motivation for launching these workshops is the obvious failure of the current constellation of forces and institutions to deal with “global” issues like climate change, terrorism, and WMD proliferation. The gap between global issues and global governance seems to steadily widen, even as global disorder spreads. Weather or not the countries with the power to shape the system find ways to re-engineer institutions, policies and protocols appropriate to the challenges of the 21st century will in large part be a function of how those countries themselves evolve.

We will gather a group of 25 people at the sea fortress, Suomenlinna, built on six islands outside Helsinki on June 22-24, 2015.