Tällberg Workshop in cooperation with the SAS Institute

The workshop focused on how the integration of arts, science and technology can help improve our human adaptation to the ever ongoing evolution of the world we live off and in. The workshop took place in Cary, USA.

The Tällberg Foundation gathered 16 participants for a workshop on February 20-22 hosted by the SAS Institute in Cary, North Carolina.

This exploratory workshop was termed “The Situation Room.”  By this term we mean the ability and capacity to follow in real-time the unfolding of a process event as it happens. The objective of these discussions is to gradually evolve models that turn data streams into meaningful information, which can be turned into real-time decision options or alternatives upon which decision procedures can be applied.

The workshop was introduced by Bo Ekman who provided the history of the improvement of decisions-making and by Mikael Hagström, SAS Institute, who gave a presentation on how we could improve the organization of data, decision making processes and models to create better outcomes also for the wider society.

The conversations were based on four illustrative cases:

  1. Climate change – how would we have behaved differently if we had the real-time data on Hurricane Katrina as it was evolving?
  2. The Middle East – how could we have been making better decisions on the evolving Syrian disaster?
  3. The financial system – how can information technology be used to improve transparency and quality of decision making?
  4. Digitalization and its impact on privacy.

The Situation Room concept is one learning method where new questions can be raised and where opportunities can be unlocked.