Tällberg Leader Program 2009

The fourth Leader Program took place in conjuction with the Tällberg Forum 2009, in Tällberg, Sweden.

The Tällberg New Leader Program gives people in early positions of responsibility an opportunity to think through their wider role in society. It seeks to improve the sensitivities and skills that will make them more effective leaders in their organisation and in society. Successful leadership stems from seeing the early trends, understanding the path forward and having the courage to act.

The Challenge
The ways in which we currently provide wealth, jobs and security are undermining the planet’s life supporting systems. Our global production is on such a scale that its cumulative impact is altering critical natural cycles with unknown consequences. Yet despite this scale of activity, and the size of the global economy, we fail to protect ourselves from financial and economic crisis. Even in times of stability, we do not yet deliver adequate standards of living, health and security to a large part of the global population. We need a new path.

The complexity of our globally integrated society, however, means that the room for manoeuvre for each organisation or individual may seem severely restricted. We are tied by limitations of our own design; voters’ priorities, shareholder demands, or the funding structures of civil society. Short term stakeholder interests thus make sure we do not stray too far off course. Over the past decades we have also perfected techniques for enhancing efficiency within organisations. In providing ever stronger incentives to satisfy these short-term interests, the screws around us are further tightened.

We now need widespread leadership – with the personal characteristics, the right models and tools – that can help us break out of the straightjacket. The crises of the time do not demand a return to structures of the past, but the creation of better structures. This crucially requires a new mind set, where strategies are formed in the context of a systems perspective of the world. But “systems thinking” is only half the answer. We need to move into “systems doing”. This requires a much greater sensitivity to the dynamics between sectors and organisations, and to the complex interplay between natural, social, political and economic forces. And it requires the ability to act proactively in this complex landscape. As an integral part of the Tällberg Forum, the Tällberg New Leaders Programme seeks to help emerging leaders build these skills.

Objectives of the Program
The purpose of the Tällberg Foundation New Leader Programme 2009 is to heighten the awareness of the challenges facing coming generations of leaders and to help individuals formulate their long-term role and identify where they can act to stimulate the necessary transition to globally sustainable communities, organisations and society.

A programme that is both intensive and reflective will address managing cross-sector complexity, practical use of systems thinking, recognising system tensions and breaking with existing paradigms. The programme will be structured to bring high level inputs in critical areas and combine this learning with exercises that focus on personal development and goal setting, while encouraging innovation and systems thinking.