Tällberg Leader Program 2007

The second Leader Program took place in conjunction with the Tällberg Forum 2007, in Tällberg, Sweden.

Before the Forum 2007 began, two days were dedicated for selected participants to examine the meaning of “new leadership.”

The Tällberg Foundation believes that the coming phase of globalisation will require new kinds of leaders at all levels and in all sectors of society; leaders who are able to recognise the full complexity of our interlocking human and natural systems and then act with precaution, integrity and purpose, in the interests of the whole. The imbalances in our current system are manifesting themselves ever more clearly. The post-industrial global marketplace evolved without recognising the fundamental role played by the planet’s natural systems, and we must now acknowledge that this has led to the creating of an artificial and thus unsustainable economy.

In the three days running up to the Tällberg Forum 2007, the 2ns Tällberg New Leader Programme provided extra time for exploring and reflecting on the new leadership required to weather the transformational phase at our doorstep. These days were used to guide participants through an examination of their own integrity and deeper intent, and to help them to relate both personally and professionally to the Tällberg question “How on earth can we live together?”

The group studying New Leadership was carefully selected to reflect the Tällberg diversity of perspectives, with 42 participants from 15 countries. Their backgrounds ranged from representatives of large corporations through to leaders in the non governmental sector, from political advisors to social entrepreneurs.

Led by a faculty of experienced trainers, the programme incorporated exercises and small-group study to widen perspectives, working to stretch individuals’ frameworks and help them understand their own mental models that, while part of their success, are also potential limitations to leadership in a highly unpredictable future. This thinking was led by a faculty included Marcello Palazzi and Charles and Elizabeth Handy. The facilitators were Sean Germond and Tom Cummings.

New Leader Programme participants listened to individual stories from successful leaders, and created a Still Life photo to investigate the foundations of their own success. A mentor programme and coaching were also offered, a support taken up by many participants during these intensely challenging days. Running from Monday early evening until Thursday morning, the programme included the opportunity to run a pre-forum conversation session with early arrivals to the Forum, and responsibility for leading the Forum delegates in hotel “warm up meetings”.

An important part of the Tällberg New Leader Programme is the preparation of participants for the Forum itself, where these younger leaders have the opportunity to mingle and share thoughts with outstanding individuals from around the world. The informal atmosphere of the Forum and the use of tools such as the World Café, offers the New Leader Programme participants ample time to benefit from listening to and discussing their future plans with some of the people who are shaping the world today.