Tällberg Forum 2008

The Forum gathered 400 participants from all over the world on the theme “How on earth can we live together? In search of the common sense”.

What began “in concert with nature” at the Church of Siljansnäs, ended with a memorably impromptu jam session on the stage of the Earth in the Forum tent in Tällberg. In between were four very special days. Participants worked hard, consistently pushing the envelope of our common understanding of the new global realities that have us bound and bounded together.

The Forum went far beyond our expectations. For the fourth year running, we feel we have delivered an exceptional production of substance and creativity, an event that touched the minds and hearts of the 400 participants.

To be sure, the Forum helped us understand the momentous scale of our global problems. It also became increasingly clear that the gap is not closing between the knowledge and insights of the scientists looking at the state of our planet, and the analysis on which current strategies and policies are based.

At the same time, it left many, not with the despair of 2007, but with a sense of hope and purpose. This is in part because many of the conversations at the Forum were more action-oriented, especially in the parallel “Re-Designing Workshops” that were prototyping solutions in nine different areas.

Tallberg Forum Companion 2008_Day-by-day program

Tallberg Forum Companion 2008_Re-designing workshops and Hosted conversations