Sigtuna Literature Festival 2013

Tällberg Foundation was once again one of the content providers to the festival in Sigtuna.

The second edition of Sigtuna Literature Festival took place in August. Building on last year’s success with over 1300 visitors, the festival is now expanding from one day to two entire days filled with on-stage talks, meetings with authors, workshops, conversations and films. Tällberg Foundation was once again one of the content providers to the festival.

“At the Tällberg Foundation we are working to develop knowledge and insights through free and open conversations. To be able to combine this with literature comes naturally and is very exciting. New thoughts often emerge from unexpected meetings – and a literature festival can create many of these” says Alexander Crawford, Research Director at the Tällberg Foundation.

The vision for the Sigtuna Literature Festival is to become the leading literature festival in Scandinavia, a center for meetings and discussions about the power of words and their influence on people emotionally, intellectually and, not least, creatively.

Founded in 970AD, Sigtuna, just north of Stockholm, is Sweden’s first town and is renowned for the presence of more runic stones than in any other town in Scandinavia, and hence in the world. Sweden’s oldest surviving written document, the so-called Vibybrevet from 1164, is a letter concerning a dispute regarding land just to the north of Sigtuna. Since these early signs of vibrant settlement, numerous authors have lived in and visited Sigtuna and the Sigtuna Foundation (Sigtunastiftelsen) including recipients of the Sigtuna Foundation’s scholarship for writers as a place to rest, enjoy recreation and as a place to write. In addition Sigtuna has recently been appointed an ICORN city, giving refuge to writers, as a practical contribution to the promotion of Freedom of Expression. The Tällberg Forum 2011 was held in Sigtuna.

Sigtuna Literature Festival is a collaboration between Destination Sigtuna, Bromberg Publishing House, Sigtunastiftelsen and Tällberg Foundation.

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