Rework Västerås

The Tällberg Foundation initiated a process with the City of Västerås which aimed at reducing youth unemployment and strengthening human resource management.

On 21-22 February, the Tällberg Foundation together with the City of Västerås, gathered local politicians, officials, business, public sector and young people, in total 200 participants. The purpose of the meeting was to move from words to action to reduce youth unemployment and strengthen skills provision. The meeting culminated in a new agenda for jobs and skills.

As one of our younger participants put it: “This has probably been the most intellectually stimulating I have seen in a very long time. […] Thank you for all you adults, even though I am only 16 years old, really took to you of what I had to say and that you really got to feel like a part of it all. ”

Rework Västerås

Rework Västerås is a concept where both young people and leaders from the public and voluntary sectors, as leaders from local and multinational companies come together to exchange experiences and to agree on challenges and opportunities to reduce youth unemployment and strengthen human resource management.

In 2012, Tällberg Foundation and the City of Västerås therefore initiated a unique process to create a dialog and an arena where young people, business, worklife, the public and decision makers could meet. The starting point was today’s good initiatives, pioneers and existing commitment. We create, implement and co-produces sustainable and innovative solutions that break with convention, which is boundless and that makes a difference.

Rework Västerås was based on four parts. Three workshops and a major forum on 21 and 22 February 2013.