Learning Journey IV to Greenland

In May, a small select group spent four intensive days exploring Greenland on a Tällberg Learning Journey called “Climate change and economic development”. This trip not only studied climate change in action but also focused on its impacts on economic development.

The faculty on this learning journey consisted of two climate experts, Dr Johan Rockström and Mark Lynas, and one leading economist Stefan Fölster who have deeply studied an equal systems impact on economic policy and development. We were joined by a world class moderator, Dr Tom Cummings.

The Tällberg Foundation, based in Sweden was pleased to present the unique opportunity to join this learning journey to Greenland, offering a program that blended detailed learning, intense experiences and moments for personal reflection.

We spent most of the time in Ilulissat. Beautifully situated on the west coast of Greenland, about 250 km north of the Arctic Circle, Ilulissat lies at the mouth of the 40-kilometre “Icefjord” filled with enormous icebergs calved from the most productive glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. The site is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Excursions on land, by boat and by helicopter were interspersed with seminars and working sessions.

Following a welcome and first session with guest speakers Prof Jaqueline McGlade and Prof Dorthe Dahl-Jensen on the evening of May 7, the group departed from Copenhagen by air to Greenland on May 8. Departure from Greenland was scheduled for the morning of May 11.