Learning Journey III to Greenland

Learning Journey on Climate Change “How to stop the ice melting” to Greenland.

On 5-9 September 2008, a  group spent four intensive days exploring Greenland on a Learning Journey “How to Stop the Ice Melting”. This trip studied not only climate change in action but also focused with clarity and passion on what needs to be done.

The time to act is now. There are only 18 months to go before the United Nations Climate Change Conference will adopt a successor to the Kyoto Protocol in Copenhagen in December 2009. Business managers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and, in particular funders, can have a significant role in stimulating the scale of response to global warming required to inspire real change. Europe has a unique capacity to generate political, financial and technological leadership.

There is probably no better place on earth to “feel” climate change than the west coast of Greenland, beside the towering icebergs and the expansive ice-pack. To the sheer power of this personal physical experience we add the deep knowledge and insights of leading scientists, the perspectives of policy-makers in the field, together with the experience of seasoned facilitators.

The Tällberg Foundation, based in Sweden and Active Philanthropy in Germany presented participants with the unique opportunity to join this Learning Journey to Greenland, offering a programme blending detailed learning, intense experiences and moments for personal reflection.

The journey provided participants – leaders of organisations in positions to make a significant difference through their work – with a unique opportunity to increase their understanding of the reality of climate change, the science, the different policy options and steps to be taken in all areas of society towards adaptation and mitigation.