Learning Journey I to Greenland

In May, a small select group spent three intensive days on Greenland, on a Learning Journey on Climate Change.

There is probably no better place on earth to “feel” climate change than the west coast of Greenland, just under the tremendous ice-pack. To the sheer power of this personal physical experience we added the deep knowledge and insights of leading scientists, the perspectives of policy-makers in the field together with the experience of seasoned facilitators.

We spent most of the time in Ilulissat. Situated on the West coast of Greenland, about 250 km north of the Arctic Circle, Ilulissat is beautifully situated at the mouth of the 40-kilometre “Icefjord” filled with enormous icebergs produced by the most productive glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. The site is now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Excursions on land, by boat and by helicopter blended with seminars and working sessions.

The scientists that accompanyied the group were Dr. Robert W. Corell (Senior Research Fellow, American Meteorological Society and one of the world’s foremost climate scientists), Dr. Dorthe Dahl-Jensen (professor at the Neils Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen), Christian Azar (professor of Sustainable Industrial Metabolism at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden) and Sverker Sörlin (Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and chair of the Swedish National Committee of the International Polar Year). Anders Wijkman (MEP and very active in the process of shaping a global governance framework for climate change) also took part.