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Tech & Society

This is the second conversation in a series on technology and society and will take place (date to be announced).

Past events


A celebration of leaders and leadership

The Eliasson Global Leadership Prize of the Tällberg Foundation is given annually to outstanding leaders from any country and any discipline whose work is global in application, based on universal values, innovative, optimistic and courageous.


Tällberg Conversation on Migration

The Tallberg Foundation will host an evening conversation on Thursday, July 26 at in New York City that will continue our exploration of the future evolution of global migration flows.

disruption SNF


Chairman of the Tällberg Foundation, Alan Stoga, will moderate the session “Artificial Intelligence and its disruptive potential” at the Seventh Annual Stavros Niarchos Foundation International Conference on Philanthropy in Athens Greece



We are convening a second workshop on May 10-12, 2018 in Tangier, Morocco to push the conversation on the implications of migration further.


Alternative Futures

We are in the process of planning our 2018 programs. Stay tuned for additional conversation in the Alternative Futures series.



Watch live stream

Watch the program on Polarization in the 21st Century: YOU’RE WRONG! (and I am right) live!


The Tällberg Workshop on Lesvos

The Tällberg Foundation is convening a workshop on the underlying cause and potential long-term consequences of Europe’s refugee crisis, Clash of Civilizations?  The workshop is being held on the island of Lesvos, Greece from March 17-19, 2016.