Tällberg Forum on Swedish TV

The Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company filmed most of the sessions at the Tällberg Forum 2012 , and now you can watch it on UR Play .

Tällberg Forum broadcast

Link TV’s program Earth Focus broadcasted a Tällberg Forum special “Beyond Our Imagination” on 29 October 2012 (could be seen on TV in the US).

Changes in the organization

The beginning of a crisp vibrant autumn always signals a sense of change, with its tinge of endings and beginnings, its passage of comings and goings. So too this autumn with the Tällberg Foundation as we announce recent changes in the organization.

Report from Tällberg Forum 2012

Changing the World through Technology and Innovation – Over the course of four days in June, the 2012 Tällberg Forum gathered leaders, innovators, business executives, researchers and media from all over the world to partake in conversations and meetings about the interaction between humankind and technology.

2012 Scholarship recipient

Emma Lagerberg was selected by the board of Dalarnas Spelmansförbund (Dalarna’s Fiddlers Organisation) as the winner of the Tällberg Foundation Scholarship 2012.

Hans Rosling TIME top 100

Time Magazine has for 2012 selected a friend of Tällberg Foundation, Hans Rosling, as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

UN appointment

Ban Ki-Moon appoints veteran Swedish diplomat, Jan Eliasson, as new UN Deputy Secretary-General.

An Ecology of Mind

An award-winning film “An Ecology of Mind”, a film portrait of Gregory Bateson, by the filmmaker Nora Bateson.