Views & News by Bo: December ’13

Every month, Bo Ekman writes in the leading pages of the Swedish newspaper Dalarnas Tidning (FaluKuriren). Here you will find his latest articles.

Music and Humanity

Rebecca Oliver of the Tällberg Foundation moderated Symposium – a blend of conversation and music, on August 16-17.

About stories

A wider context – From our network we share narratives that help reveal an emerging global story of change.

Molly Bingham’s report from the Forum

Molly Bingham, an american journalist, reports from this year’s Forum. She is a journalist, CEO & President, ORBmedia from the US and participated at the Tällberg Forum 2013.

Reflections from a winner

Inês Murteira, the winner of the video competition: What does globalisation mean to you?, reflects on her days at the Tällberg Forum 2013 on the Global Changemaker blog.