Abrupt Climate Change

During the Tällberg Foundation’s recent trip to the East Greenland Ice Core Project, delegation member Juan Enriquez sat with scientist Jim White, Director, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado, for a conversation about abrupt climate change.

US Election Analysis

Alan Stoga, Chairman of the Tällberg Foundation and Senior Adviser at Kissinger Associates, speaks on the 2016 U.S. Election

Does Europe Need Brexit?

The shocks of Brexit could galvanize a smaller EU toward integration, common institutions and direct elections

Meet the jury

We are pleased to introduce the international jury of the Tällberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize 2016.

Tällberg Foundation Podcasts

Listen to interviews, conversations and reflections on topics such as the refugee crisis and leadership challenges in the 21st century.

How on earth can we live together?

This question, which has driven the activities and initiatives of the Tällberg Foundation for years, resonates louder and louder as the 21st century evolves. There are no easy answers, but the urgency of our exploration has intensified as the global situation has become increasingly fraught. Read about the four areas of focus for 2016.

The Global Leadership Prize winners 2015

The 2015 Tallberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize is awarded to Jamila Afghani, a Women’s Rights Activist in Afghanistan, and Martín von Hildebrand, an Environmental Activist in Colombia, in recognition for their Innovative, Principled, and Courageous Leadership.

Tällberg Foundation Fiddler Scholarship 2015

Erik Gunnars Risberg is the 2015 recipient of the Tällberg Foundation Fiddler Scholarship with the motivation: “A fiddler with a technically driven way of playing and a musical curiosity that drives him to try the violin’s many expressive means, both in Swedish folk music and other genres.”

Articles in LOFT magazine from TW@C

Pio Barone Lumaga, a friend of Tällberg Foundation, has recently published an article by Cynthia Schneider and the Anders Steen in LOFT magazine.