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How on earth can we live together?

Tallberg Forum 2013_plenary session

This question, which has driven the activities and initiatives of the Tällberg Foundation for years, resonates louder and louder as the 21st century evolves. There are no easy answers, but the urgency of our exploration has intensified as the global situation has become increasingly fraught. Read about the four areas of focus for 2016.

The Global Leadership Prize winners 2015

Martin and Jamila at the Ceremony 3

The 2015 Tallberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize is awarded to Jamila Afghani, a Women’s Rights Activist in Afghanistan, and Martín von Hildebrand, an Environmental Activist in Colombia, in recognition for their Innovative, Principled, and Courageous Leadership.

Tällberg Foundation Fiddler Scholarship 2015

Erik 3

Erik Gunnars Risberg is the 2015 recipient of the Tällberg Foundation Fiddler Scholarship with the motivation: “A fiddler with a technically driven way of playing and a musical curiosity that drives him to try the violin’s many expressive means, both in Swedish folk music and other genres.”

Our contempt for weakness and the roots of fascism

Participants at the TaŠllberg Forum 2009

The Tällberg Foundation/Nextwork AB, in cooperation with the Living History Forum convened 25 people for a conversation about the strength and health of democratic values, both at national and international levels. The workshop asked questions about recent developments and discussed strategies to counteract nationalism and tribalism which are on the rise.