Annika Maathz

Annika Maathz is the 2013 recipient of the Tällberg Foundation Scholarship

Annika Maathz 2013The winner is selected by the board of Dalarnas Spelmansförbund (Dalarna’s Fiddlers Association) which is chaired by Pontus Selderman:

”Her playing is musically anchored in the Rättvik folk music tradition and, with her interest and enthusiasm, is an excellent representative for Dalarna’s folk musicians and Dalarna’s young fiddlers. ”

”Med musikalisk förankring i rättvikstraditionen är hon med sitt intresse och entusiasm en god företrädare för spelmansrörelsen och Dalarnas yngre spelmän. ”

”My heart lies in the music from Rättvik, even though I play slängpolska and strange horse tracks from distant lands during Ethno camps and festivals. I never thought of becoming an artist, but want to be a musician who knows her tradition. I am studying to become a physician and try to play as often as I can with the local student spelmanslag “Strings and pipes”. Receiving the Tällberg Foundation Scholarship is a great honor and I look forward to getting to know the musicians in the United States and to make new contacts.