About the Foundation

The Tällberg Foundation is a non-profit international organization that was established in 1981 to become a platform for a free and open exchange of ideas and experiences.

The purpose of the Foundation is to develop knowledge, understanding and insights into global change patterns and the need for the evolution of global societies.

We base this on an integrated learning approach and on a platform of humanistic values. The objective is to help decision makers from all walks of life to share experiences about risk-taking to shape a better future.

We do this through the organizing of workshops, learning programs and global studies.

Our main office is Stockholm, Sweden with an office in the village of Tällberg, three hours north of Stockholm in the county of Dalarna. The Tällberg Foundation has an international network of knowledge partners.

Our work is made possible by a wide variety of companies, organizations, philanthropies, institutions and foundations that support the perennial question that the Tällberg Foundation asks, “How on Earth can we live together?”