The Tällberg Foundation, founded more than three decades ago, aims to provoke people to think differently about the global issues that are shaping their present and their future. We have offices in Stockholm and New York, but operate globally.

Mankind is confronted by profound changes—in the planet, in how societies organize and function, in increasingly worn out institutions, in the possibilities of science and technology, including the nature of life itself. The many decades of globally ubiquitous growth, human development and prosperity are fading, replaced by an era of stagnation, conflict and almost medieval conditions in some parts of the globe: slavery, disease, religious wars, etc. The sense of hopeful globalism that had characterized the turn of the century is giving way to resurgent, inward- looking nationalism. Borders—and minds—are closing.

The Tällberg Foundation exists to try to understand these changes, imagine their consequences and provoke action rooted in universal values to resist those trends.

More a platform and a facilitator than an organization, we are fundamentally borderless: we convene people from widely disparate backgrounds, perspectives, cultures and disciplines wherever that conversation can be most productive. The Tällberg Foundation aims to provoke people to think differently about the global issues that are shaping their present and their future.

Our method is informed, smart, unfettered and continuous conversation that drives intellectual and emotional understanding. Those conversations and that kind of learning demand context. Want to understand the great human migrations that are now underway? Then go to Lesvos or Amman or Ethiopia and engage with refugees, volunteers, officials and locals who are living the trauma of violent displacement. Want to understand the accelerating change in the climate? Then go to Greenland, the Amazon or the Sahel to witness the change and engage with the scientists who are working there.

This reverence for conversation in situ—as a prelude to action—is the operational definition of the Tällberg Foundation. Why? Because the only way to learn is to share knowledge. And action without knowledge is as dangerous as inaction.

The activities of the Foundation, which was founded and is still domiciled in Sweden, are defined and driven by its Board of Directors. Today we are focused on four inter-related challenges:

  • Climate,
  • Human migration,
  • The impact of technological innovation,
  • Leadership challenges in the 21st century.Humanity can either work together under powerful leadership to harness the energy and harvest the knowledge needed to face these challenges or try to make do with outdated thinking and institutions.

We need leaders who are innovative, ethical, determined and willing to take great risks. The Tällberg Foundation aspires to provoke a global conversation about this new kind of leadership.

The Foundation is funded by private donors. Today, our lead sponsor is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and we hope to add others. In addition, we expect to launch a membership initiative in the near future that will provide our friends around the world the opportunity to engage more regularly with us.