How on earth can we live together?

This question, which has driven the activities and initiatives of the Tällberg Foundation for years, resonates louder and louder as the 21st century evolves. There are no easy answers, but the urgency of our exploration has intensified as the global situation has become increasingly fraught. Read about the four areas of focus for 2016.

As you know, the Foundation’s leadership  committed itself to evolving a new kind of intellectual and action platform, based on three decades of experience. During 2015 we became more global; we established a new leadership initiative; we stimulated open-ended conversation about issues including the possible evolution of great power politics, to the nature of leadership in the 21st century, to the evolving role of the media in a digital society; and we worked to expand our global outreach.

During 2016, we expect to build on this foundation, focused on four key activities:

1. Continuing the Tällberg Global Leadership Prize and Tällberg Global Leaders processes.
Nominations will open April 1st; the jury will convene by early September; the awards will be announced in November in Stockholm; the workshop and event will be held in Stockholm.  We are working to build an online platform to host a networked conversation among and about the Tällberg Foundation Global Leaders and their work.  In several cases, we are already working to help the 2015 Leaders expand their reach and effectiveness.

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2.Convening a workshop on the island of Lesvos in Greece
The  workshop will take place on March 17-19 to discuss the underlying drivers and consequences of mass migration from the Middle East and Africa into Europe. Other workshops may follow.

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3. Learning Journey to the East Greenland Ice Research Project
We are organizing a small delegation of observers to the East Greenland Ice Research Project (EGRIP) to facilitate understanding of the dynamics of the ice sheet and its relationship to climate change.

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4. Sharing our conversations
We continue to develop our capacity to share the content and ideas developed during our activities with audiences who cannot participate in specific events, but who what to engage with us.  In part this means we need to get better at capturing and sharing conversations via social media and digital technologies; in part it means identifying and working with like-minded partners around the world.

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In addition, we intend to continue to award a scholarship to a young musician from the region of Dalarna whose fiddlers are an important part
of the Tällberg Foundation’s identity.  We also hope to develop other activities — workshops, learning journeys, digital conversations, artistic performances –that reflect our values, contribute to our mission, and engage our friends and partners.